Patient Contests

Name a Stuffed Animal

Name all three stuffed animals at your next appointment for your chance to win! Every three months the names are voted on to choose our lucky winner.

He, She, What Will it Be?!?

Congratulations, Lauren! She guessed that Dr. Salaita was having a girl and got it right! She won a McDonald’s and iTunes gift card.

Post Card Contest

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day patients can send in their postcards from summer events and vacations. At the end of the summer we draw three postcard winners. The three winners will receive a Gift Card to a local movie theatre.

Congratulations to our summer postcard winners!....Natalie, Isaac and Stella!

Costume Contest

Congratulations to our Costume Contest winner, Noah! He was our knight in shining armor. He won a $30.00 gift card to Toys R' Us!!

Guess How Many???

During the month of October you can guess how many cheeseballs are in the container and win 10 tokens!

Congratulations to our contest winner Tessa! She guessed 917 and there were 920. She won 10 tokens and cheeseballs!